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Clarus Adult Shikani Scope (Tube Stop, Handle adapter and Light source are sold separate) (SRC-025-30000-10*)

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Clarus Adult Shikani Optical Stylet


The Clarus Shikani originated in 1999 when Dr. Alan Shikani, an ENT physician out of Baltimore MD, identified the need for a malleable, fiberoptic stylet to be used for difficult intubations.  Since then, it has become the cornerstone of the Clarus line of difficult airway devices, and a popular tool for physicians worldwide.

The Clarus Shikani is specifically designed to accommodate the length of a double lumen tube.  Its’ adjustable tube stop can be fixed at any point on the stylet to accommodate various ET tube sizes.  With the versatility of the Shikani, you can be sure your patient is intubated quickly and easily.

High-resolution eyepiece for confident placements. Port for oxygen insufflation. Atraumatic tip helps protect sensitive airways and helps reduce trauma. Soakable stylet and light source allow for safe and efficient sterilization.

*Tube stop, Handle Adaptor and Light Soucre are sold Separately.

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