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Frequencer: V2X Acoustic Airway Clearance Device


The Frequencer® V2X designed for hospital use is a digitally controlled airway clearance device that utilizes acoustic waves to promote bronchial drainage by inducing vibrations (via acoustic waves) in the chest wall of a patient. The device provides a gentler, less painful form of therapy for patients than the traditional "clapping" method of postural drainage therapy and is less demanding for physiotherapists responsible for providing this therapy.

Key features to support patient care goals include:

  • No need to move the patient: Since sound waves are traveling throughout the chest, we just need to treat the front wall of the chest. In an ICU setting, sometimes patients are unstable, hard to mobilize or fitted with other monitoring equipment. The Frequencer® is a good option since you will just need to treat the front wall of the chest.

  • Effective: The Frequencer® is the only airway clearance device able to generate frequencies higher that 20 Hz. Since the resonant frequency of the lung is around 40 to 42 Hz, the Frequencer™ is able to match this resonant frequency and vibrate the lung tissue at its maximum.

  • Gentle: The Frequencer® only generates 1.8 Newtons of force compared to 58 Newtons with conventional chest physiotherapy. It's very well tolerated by babies, children, older frail patients and postsurgical patients.

  • Targeted treatment: We can treat the whole chest area, or specifically treat the most affected areas.

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