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TriggerNeb™ Reusable Nebulizer w/Tubing & Mouthpiece, Case of 50 (SRC-LV126)

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The TriggerNeb Reusable Nebulizer features: 

  • Dual mode nebulization
    • Continuous Mode
    • Intermittent Trigger Mode
  • Fast treatment times, less than 3 minutes
  • Small particle size, less than 2.5 microns
  • Reduces medicine waste
  • Ergonomic nebulizer bottle design
  • Breathe enhanced technology
  • Reusable, single patient use
  • Latex-Free, BPA and DEHP Free
  • May be covered by insurance every 6 months

The TriggerNeb Reusable Nebulizer is intended for the administration of aerosol treatments to adult and pediatric patients using a pneumatic (jet) nebulizer. The device should be replaced after 30 days or immediately if components are cracked or nebulizer does not function properly.  Follow the instructions for use for proper cleaning and assembly.

The TriggerNeb Reusable Nebulizer is a compressor-driven nebulizer designed to convert liquid medication into aerosol for inhalation by the patient.

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